Frutania’s Quality Management

The production and supply of fresh, secure and high quality products to our clients is our top priority.

Frutania controls her products from cultivation and harvest to delivery to the customer. We cooperate directly and continually with our own producers and carefully chosen partner suppliers.

Frutania’s QM-system meets the requirements of the International Featured Standard (IFS C&C, IFS Logistics, IFS Broker) and Quality & Security (QS).

Our producers are certified QS-GAP across Germany. Our minimum standard for foreign producers is GlobalGAP.

For our production, we define the varieties, qualities and plant treatment products to meet the consumer’s  high standard requirements for product quality and security.

In 2019 we will continue to test varieties, minimize pesticides, favor sustainable cultivation and consider social standards of production. We closely cooperate with public advice centers, certification offices and private business.